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The Company

Created in March of 2003, the Hiyas Philippine Folk Dance Company was formed by dance enthusiasts that enjoy the beauty of Filipino folk dance. Following the statement of Philippine national artist and folk dance research pioneer Francisca Reyes-Aquino, "Let folk dances be as they are - of the folk. We can not sacrifice heritage for progress," Hiyas strives to present Filipino folk dance in its most traditional form in an era where authentic steps and movements are modernized or forgotten. The word hiyas (pronounced hee-yahs) means "jewel" or "gem," referring to how its members truly treasure Philippine folk arts and culture. Hiyas is proudly a part of the Filipino Youth Coalition, a nonprofit organization geared toward cultural awareness among Filipino youth in the South Bay.


The Dancers
Justin Arce*
Mane Alipio
Cheyne Bado*
Annie Bado*
Jeff Bado*
Kyla Bado*
Romeo Culla
Reyna Berania
Jeffrey Flores*
Genieline Cristobal*
Jacob Gagarin
Michelle Cruz
Jayvee Mamuyac
Renee Maningding
Ian-Jon Mangulabnan
Andrea Perez
Ernest Maningding
Jessa Rabanal
Brandon Rabanal
Kristynne Rulloda*
Robert Ragazza
Chelsea Sioxson
Jon Sioxson
Kirsten Colleen Sioxson
Jeffrey Vez
Jocelle Valera
Joshua Vez


The Music Ensemble
Jasper Barros (Guitarra, Octavina)

Jasper Barros
Jordan Gabriel (Guitarra, Mandola)

Jordan Gabriel
J T Gagarin (Bajo)

J T Gagarin
Justin Mambaje* (Bandurria)

Justin Mambaje*
Ernest Maningding (Bajo)

Joe Pham
Joe Pham (Guitarra)
* denotes founding members



The Directors
Executive Director
Jeff Bado*

Artistic Director/ Choreographer
/Musical Director

Justin Mambaje*

Leadership, Artistic Staff & Alumni

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